Attaching existing/off-brand panels

Yes as I was trying to educate myself on solar I purchased, like many, Harbor Freight solar100w panel kit.

  1. Has anyone connected the HF panels to their AC200 or any bluetti? If so what connectors did you use?

  2. Did you combine with other panels (series or parallel)? Still trying to figure out how to connect mismatched panels. I’m planning to use with the bluetti panels I ordered.

  3. Can anyone tell me what the official name of these HF connectors…

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Will I even be able to use them with my bluetti 120w panels?

Hoping to add about 70 watts to the bluetti PV input.

Im trying to find a way to connect the eco worthy 120 folding panels. The panels have a 5.5 mm dc adapter coming from the panel itself and so far i have not been able to find any adapters that would let me have 5.5mm female to ip67. Since i already have one bluetti folding panel set i would need to connect the bluetti panels and the eco worthy panels in series so that it could charge my ac200p.

Just found out today one set of panels wont cut it.

I am completely new to the solar scene so having a hard time trying to figure out how to get the bluetti and eco worthy panels to work together so i can solar charge my ac200p. :frowning:

I did purchase the DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable from bluetti back in december but it hasnt arrived yet and realizing now its still not going to let me use both panels together to charge the ac200p.

[DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable – Bluetti] (DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable – Bluetti)

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@ArthurB I’m not familiar with that brand but hoping others here who have miss matched panels will eventually chime in with some suggestions.

My bkuetti panels arrived today, strange damage viewed from inside box. Had to be done at the factory before it was paired with the other panels in the set(2). Anyway when feel better and have sun will test to make sure the panels are OK. Seems the damage hit on one of the velcro stands so fingers crossed.

Haven’t opened the panels yet but at first glance very impressed with the quality of the case/handle.