Are the batteries on the EP500Pro replaceable?

Hi! Are the batteries in the EP500Pro or any EP or AC products replaceable? I mean can I take them out and replace in case they go bad? Thanks!

Short answer: No.

Long answer: This is not at all supported but for a sufficiently advanced user who has the knowledge and access to the right parts, any part is “user serviceable”. But 99.9% of the folks out there shouldn’t try it, as you may wreck the unit even more or worse, cause a calamity.

So really, no. And any attempt to do so would surely void any remaining warranty.

It would be nice if there was some service to do this in the future, whether by Bluetti or some qualified third party, but there’s nothing there right now. Most electronics are designed to be thrown away these days, not repaired. Bad for the planet, but good for the bottom line of those who make them. I hate the culture of throwing things away that could be fixed.

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Thanks. What a shame. I’ve been replacing batteries on my UPSes for 20+ years. I breathed new life into an old GoalZero Yeti 1250 by replacing the battery. Very useful for my parents after Fiona left Puerto Rico without power. I guess I’ll keep looking for a new power station thats service friendly.

Hi @gabopagan , The internal battery will rarely be damaged, the general situation is the BMS board malfunction.
BMS board malfunction can be returned to the factory for repair. Private open the machine to replace the battery is a very dangerous operation. And the warranty will be void after the machine is opened.
If you really have the kind of situation, we suggest you contact BLUETTI support department at first.

The AC 200 max and AC300 have simple battery replacement, plug and play. You just unplug the battery and plug in a new one! I own the AC200 max and two batteries. It works great.