apperent power instead of effective power

I was wondering high Watt usage of my AC connected devices. Therefore I bought some measurement devices which i put between bluetti AC300 and my consumer device.

Now i think i found out this:
Output is apparent power and not effective Power.

I did not found any documentation about this (it was strange that my Devices needed 100W instead of 40W which I was expecting.
Here output of Bluetty App:

Costmeter of Voltcraft:

While your app says 85W it is only 43W - but an apparent power of 81VA

Am I right and your app / station shows only “apparent power” which should be shown in VA (volt ampere) instead of W (watts)?

I guess the same for Input and DC?

@claus80 Hi, our APP only supports displaying apparent power. If you have any suggestions or expectations for improvement, pls let us know.

okay my guess was right. I would suggest that this is then added to the technical documentation.
Does this apply also to the DC Output and PV input or is this another measuring method?`

@claus80 Yes, the PV input and DC output displayed on the APP are both apparent power.

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Hi thanks for answering.
Would be nice if you could add this to your documentation…