App v2.0.2 = both AC300s offline

Since updating the Bluetti app to 2.0.2 both my AC300s now appear in the app as offline even though they are connected to WiFi. Version 2.0.0/2.0.1 did not have this issue.

@glc650 Please try to reconfigure the network, and try to turn off and open the WiFi of the machine display again.
Generally the display of WiFi off and then open it can be connected.

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Wasn’t quite sure what you mean so on one I tried powering down the unit. On the other I just disconnected the WiFi via the LCD. Both methods seemed to work. I noticed on the LCD the WiFi showed disconnected even though it was clearly still connected (I could ping it and my WiFi showed it was still associated).

I did this (turn off then on) the WiFi setting on my two AC300 units after this update and both reappeared. But you have to select “Cloud” to actually see them online (a new step). Bluetti should put this as the default method to access them, and leave “Bluetooth” for firmware updating or local accessing if offline.

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This is normal. After binding the machine, it needs to be successfully connected to the network before it will show ONLINE. :smile: