App suggestions

I have to agree with some other posters in regards to the app. I understand it is a work in progress but I would at least like it to duplicate the settings available from the touch screen. Being able to adjust settings from inside my rv would be nice, plus my phone is so much easier to see. Also like to be able to turn unit completely off via the app.

Hi @Shellshock

The Problem with turn on/off via App is that the unit cant be fully shutdown.

It can be only in a kind of standby mode because the bluetooth or wifi module needs to wait for a incoming connection.

Sure, its more more easier and in combination with home automatation some great possibilities but not everything is great.

There is also a reason why you cant update the firmware via Wifi, only Bluetooth. I think for the same reason there are just some features not inplemented.

@Shellshock Can I ask what unit are you referring to specifically? You mentioned having a RV and the units’ touchscreen, so I am guessing its the AC200Max?? Or do you have one of the ac300/ac500 units?

Ya I’m not a software guy so I don’t know what it would require to implement the on/off. My experience with bluetti is limited. I am however very familiar with eco flow, while bluetti makes a better product in my option , eco flow connectivity is far superior. I don’t know if bluetti has hardware limitations or they just haven’t gotten up to speed yet on their apps, but from what I am reading it seems to be a problem. I am hopeful they are investing in their app architecture.

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I have the ac300 , apparently I can’t just put “ac300” because it’s not enough characters …

I have an AC300 and my solar panels are on a cart that is move into my garage when not in use. since my system is use at a second residence, in have forgotten to turn the system off before leaving. When I return a week latter, my batteries are down 25%. I am now starting from a deficit, which can be bad if it is a cloudy days. It would be good to turn it off remotely. If your panels are always outside, no problem. System comes back on in the morning

I would like to charge to 80% for storage. So would appreciate an alarm at 80% or whatever percent the user wishes.

@Beebee Which model are you using?
This feature may not be available on some smaller models

Is this feature available on my AC200MAX?

Currently, only large machines with UPS functionality have this mode, which is called time control mode. However, AC200MAX does not have UPS functionality.

Along this same thread, the App needs the ability to see the separate PV1 and PV2 output values to a AC300.

As it is, if I change the orientation of the panels, I can NOT use the phone, while I am standing next to the panel, to see if the change to PV1 vs. PV2 was a good change. I have to go back to the front of the unit and click on the touch screen.

The APP allows me to click on BATTERY icon and get more information, but clicking on the PV icon does not give an additional info. Surely this is an easy issue to address to add this capability to the app. Or am I missing something?

Also, is there no way to get PV info from a panel connected directly to the B300 battery?