App - DC and AC icons are the wrong way around

So the DC icon is showing a sine wave, and the AC icon is showing a straight line - aren’t they the wrong way round?

I dunno…


@Dalders I’m sorry I don’t understand your meaning. Could you please provide me with some photos so I can check?

Sure, here’s a pic, with the two icons - I’ve added two big arrows pointing to them.

The icons are the wrong way round. AC is showing a DC icon, and DC is showing an AC icon

… and whilst your talking to the app people about it, could you please ask them to add an option to rename the inputs - my ‘grid’ is actually a DO50S, it would be nice to be able to rename it to something else :) Thanks


Lol, you’re right. They are correct on mine so you probably need to update your app at the app store.

When I woke up today the app had been updated automatically since yesterday. I don’t remember noticing if the icons were reversed or not.

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While on the subject of the App…
It’s way too easy to accidentally shut off the AC power. I was checking my battery SoC during the night on my ipad on the nightstand, half asleep in the dark, and I turned off the AC power, which powers my fridge, ceiling fans, wifi, etc.
The only reason I noticed is that my bedroom ceiling fan stopped. My fridge could have been off for several hours had I not noticed.
Maybe those 2 on/off buttons should be on another page in the App; something like a dialog box labeled “Click for AC/DC on/off access.”

I already DO have the latest version of the app, there is no newer version. I’m on Android, I have a feeling your on ios, which may be different.

I checked it, and on my IPad it’s oke, but on my Samsung S10 the icons are definitely swapped.

@Dalders @Edmond Could you please provide me with the model of your phone and the APP version?

@Dalders I’m sorry this icon can’t be renamed. The AC input is uniformly named as Grid. In the near future, we will have a Generator option.

I give up… leave it.

@Dalders Maybe with the information you provided, the problem can be solved.

Version v2.1.0 and like I already mentioned, a Samsung Galaxy S10. Android version 12 Version One UI 4.1

Green is correct, but Red isn’t.

And on and old Huawei and a new Samsung Galaxy A23 5G , the same problem. ( in Belgium btw). So it seems it’s a problem on the Android app.

@Edmond Thank you so much for your information. I have reported it to the relevant departments, and I believe this problem will be resolved soon.

thank you, but all credit goes to @Dalders, because he noticed it first.

Thanks Edmond. :) :)