App and EB3A feature Requests

I sent this over email couple of weeks ago, hopefully that made it to the right team but adding it here for other people to chime in as well.

  1. I am using an EB3A as a UPS for my office setup (AC power for monitor, laptop, NAS etc) with 120W panel hanging down from my window. On good day, the panel can the wattage for a few hours but most of the time it needs AC backup. It would help if there was a feature to prefer solar but not let the battery drain beyond a certain % by using AC backup. I was told this exists on bigger devices.

  2. would also be good if the app could monitor the charging and notify if it falls below a %.

  3. would be nice to see a cycle count of the battery if it is being captured internally.

  4. i have seen the charging stop a couple of times due to overheat protection, would be good to see temp value.

All Bluetti power stations prioritize solar over AC by default, including the EB3A. If you have the charging mode set to standard (260W AC charging) and you have 100W of solar coming in then it will only pull 160W from AC. You can verify this through the Bluetti phone app which splits out AC and Solar input watts.
A low battery notification would be nice, and I also agree it would be useful to see the internal temp - Bluetti’s competition does offer this.

I get the point about solar being prioritised over AC to charge but it will charge EB3A to 100% and then solar will stop and AC pass through will kick in. What i would like instead is to keep using solar and use AC if battery drains below a certain point so that my devices don’t switch off if i forget to check battery level and turn AC on in time.

You’re right. The more expensive units (AC300, AC500, EP500, EP500PRO) do allow you to charge via AC up to a certain battery % and then stop. Would be nice on the cheaper units but was likely a cost-cutting measure.

I would have thought its a firmware feature rather than requiring hardware components.

Feedback has been received, I will submit your suggestion to APP technical department.

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