api to access battery charge level

I have an AC 300 with wifi connexion.
I would like to be able to access the battery charge level.
I want to be able to activate the AC port when the charge level is too low.
Why is there no buetti API ?
Can access to level charge on the local network ?

Hi @chris79 , You can check the charging information in the display. You can also check the input wattage in the app
The AC cannot be turned on when the power is too low. And continue to discharge will cause damage to the battery.

LOL, I know I can see the charge level on the display and in the app.
I use the AC 300 in my house. It serves as a power supply for part my house. When the solar panels are not enough, I inject AC with a smart plug.
So, to know when my script needs to activate smart plug, it needs to access to load level.
It can’t check this information in the display or in my smartphone ;)

1 out of 3 times, the application cannot access the charge level and shows me “Time Out”

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I wonder if we attached burp proxy in between the device we could determine how the app gets data.
Some info here Monitoring Bluetti Systems | Page 6 | DIY Solar Power Forum

Your best bet would be a camera pointed at the always-on display with OCR to parse the values on the screen.

There is an opensource project that lets you pull various AC300 metrics via MQTT like via a Raspberry Pi: GitHub - warhammerkid/bluetti_mqtt: MQTT interface for Bluetti power stations

I’m a big fan of not depending on “the cloud” for any smart home automations, especially something critical like keeping up a specific house circuit. When connected to Wi-Fi the AC300 does not expose any public API and expects to be controlled through communications directly with Bluetti’s cloud servers (which also don’t have a public API). All of their devices with “app control” support Bluetooth, it’s easy enough to use with multiple options developed and maintained by the community, and it’s quite stable so long as your monitoring device is close to your AC300.

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