Anyone's thoughts about an overpowered solar array to sufficiently charge an EP500 on overcast days?

Hello there. I’m trying to achieve full self sufficiency for my caravan home. That’s why I’d really like to connect an overpowered array of solar modules to an EP500 for example.
For sure it’s not an even remotely good idea to exceed input voltage, but what about amps?
Will the MPPT charger inside the EP500 simply discard those superfluous amps an array of 3000 (or even more?) watts will produce on a sunny day?

Hi @RetroGipsy , EP500 supports up to 1200W of solar input.
The open circuit voltage range of 55-145V cannot be exceeded, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine.
It does not matter if the current is exceeded, but it will be wasted.

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Don’t worry about matching the amps, just ensure the open-circuit voltage of the panels is between 55-145V. Think of it this way: voltage is pushed from the panels to the power station and thus needs to be within the input range. Amps are requested/pulled from the station (specifically the MPPT controller) and it will never pull more than what it can support.

When you over-panel your configuration you generate more power when it’s cloudy than if you had fewer panels.

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Thank you guys, that’s what I hoped for. AFK, shopping a truckload of panels ;-)!

You bet, and if you haven’t already, check out the EP500 user manual [here] on how to hook up your panels (

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Just bought 6 Panels at 505 Watt each. Three in a row, both rows in parallel. That sums up to 132 Volts and A LOT of current. Cables are thick enough to support the amps of another optional row, should the need arise. Will test with two rows this winter. If I’m lucky, there is no need for upgrading. Fingers crossed :-)…

Nice purchase, let us know how it goes!