Anyone have a trick for the handle?

Received the EB3A the other day and I’m very impressed with the unit as a whole. It’s easy and intuitive to use and I’m enjoying charging all kinds of things with it.
I’ve been moving it around quite a bit and find it a little hard to get the carrying handle to pop out easily sometimes. Does anyone else have that and is there a trick for it maybe?
I’m not planning to use the wireless charging pad, because I don’t think I have devices that are compatible with it. So I’m considering maybe adding a little insert to have the handle up permanently. Does anyone have experience with that?
Thanks in advance for any tips or ideas :blush::pray:

Mine was like that but through use it loosened up. I had carry case like that too and I put the big side of a strip of hook and (loop) self sick under it near the hinge to lift it out some for easier grabbing.

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Thanks @loneeagle, that’s good to know. I’ll do something similar and wait for it to loosen up a bit as well :+1: