Anyone figured out how to use Eco-Worthy 120w folding panels to charge ac200P?

Sorry if this sounds dumb but i am very new to the solar scene :slight_smile:

So i have 2 sets of folding panels. One Bluetti and one Eco Worthy.

I found out today that one bluetti panel wont cut it for charging the ac200p…So i figured i would try to use the eco worthy panels i have but the output cable for those are a 5.5mm male DC plug.

So far i have not been able to find any adapters that would let me have 5.5mm female to ip67.

Since i already have one bluetti folding panel set i would need to connect the bluetti panels and the eco worthy panels in series with a set of Y adapters?? So that together they could charge my ac200p.

I did purchase the DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable from bluetti back in december but it hasnt arrived yet and realizing now its still not going to let me use both panels together to charge the ac200p.

[DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable – Bluetti] (DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable – Bluetti

I hate to break it to you but the Eco worthy panel is not going to be an easy match or hookup to your Bluetti panel. If you want the short answer buy another Bluetti 120 and they will connect without issue. What you need are MC4 connections coming from both panels. They need to be connected in “series” and you do not need any “y” adapters to connect them. The cables on the panels are all you need. Connecting panels wil “Y” adapters will not work as you will not get the minimum 35 volts required to charge.

Secondly, when you are connecting multiple panels together they work best when the specs match each other fairly closely. I am not sure what the ecoworthy have with regards to specs, but when you connect one of them to the Bluetti 120 in series, the amperage of both panels should be close to each other. If one panel has lower amperage than the other, both panels will operate at the specs the lower panel has. Basically your pair will operate as two of the weakest panel specs. To connect both together, you need to fine a 552? female connector to MC4 adapter. I looked on amazon and did not see one available. You could cut off the panel connector and add MC4 connectors to the panel wires but most panels that have 5525 connections do not have sufficient ga. of wires to make this work well.

In my opinion, I would not consider using panels that do not come with MC4 connectors unless you are comfortable making your own cables or being able to modify the cables coming from a panel.

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I am by no means a expert in this solar arena. I did however buy 2 sets of rockpals folding panels rated at 100 watts. Cut their connectors off an fashioned xt90s. Then made a adapter cord 10g solar wire for a series hook up all fashioned with xt90 plugs. Made a 25ft extension cord 10g solar wire with xt90 connectors. These xt90 connectors work with the bluetti adapter cord. 44volts producing 112 watts. When the suns out of course. I wish the rockpals output wires were heavier. The wires are very small. Hope this might help.