Anyone actually running a B230 with an AC200P?

Wondering if anyone is regularly running a set up like this, how it works, and how you have it hooked up?

We have three almost new AC200P units, but they are just short power storage for our needs. Are these very sellable if we wanted to sell and get one bigger unit, if we can’t add battery?

Hi @markieboy711,

Here is a video showing how to hook up.

I am running a B230 paired up with my OG AC200 unit and it’s been working great so far. The increased watt hours has helped my use case tremendously as we get WAY too many days of shade up here in Michigan. Haha

I am in northern Wisconsin - same issue! How are you charging the B230?

I can see how it can put power into the AC200/P unit, but getting solar power into the B230 is my question? I’d like to leave it hooked up so I can run it continuous.


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I use one of the Bluetti D050S DC Charging Enhancers for solar charging up my B230 It has a 12v-60VDC / 10a input for solar, so it allows you to pump up to 500w of solar into the B230.

Here’s a link to it…

And here’s a little diagram of how it’d be set up. This shows the AC200Max, but it’s the same principle with the enhancer (solar) taking the place of the AC wall charger input. Also at the bottom shows how the power is dispersed which is really helpful.

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Thank you - that makes sense.

Can you over-panel the B230? I have three lines of solar coming in the house, they are each five 200 watt panels connected in series. If I connected one of those to a B230 would it work and just limit what comes in, or would it fault out?

@markieboy711 haha I just responded to your other posting but just make sure your voltage going into the D050S Enhancer doesn’t exceed the 60vdc max. You’ll probably want to break up your solar string into a series/parallel configuration. The D050S can take 12-60vdc / 10a input so you can potentially get up to 500w Solar into your B230

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Than you. I really didn’t want to break up my solar string, as it’s more work than I’d like (learning curve - would do that different next time.)

I think I am going to try and sell one of our AC200p units - they are almost new - and go with an AC200 MAX. The 200P is great, just need a bit more juice, and I’m going to move it much anyway.

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