Anyone accessing AC200MAX from Internet?

I have been hosting TeamViewer on an old cellphone next to Bluetti and I can login from Internet by using my main cellphone and run the Bluetti app on the old cellphone and check the status of my AC200MAX, however the TeamViewer isn’t stable. It may work without any issues for several days and suddenly I get the hour glass trying to connect. Is anyone using any other methods? Thanks in advance for any reply


I’m intresting to if someone have a soluton.

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Thanks. I am new to this MQTT thing.

Found this:

using an AC300, Pt1: Extract Live Bluetti AC300/AC500 Data for Automations/Dashboards/Notifications. Home Assistant - YouTube

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I’ve implemented the ESP32 to Buletti bridge recently and it works perfectly fine via Internet. I created an extended status graphs and few automations.
Check it out

It required from me some sort of programming and other computer skills, home server and other hardware and knowledge. It also took a few days to install and configure.