Any folks have experience of Eco-Flow solar generators?

So i’m a happy EB240 owner (first foot on the ladder of having such a device), that is currently running a couple of PC’s through the day, and being recharged overnight. Once solar panels are added it should become a nice robust system i can use at home or away (camping/on holiday etc).

Still i’m now looking at larger home based energy backup systems and came across the Eco Flow Delta Pro:

They don’t seem to have forums on their own site (a strange choice?), and was wondering if any folks here have experience with them at all?

First question is where are they originally based from (as in what country), as obviously they get built in china like everything else, but was wondering in which country they started out etc?

Second question is how do those that have used their devices feel about them? Are they as good quality as Bluetti for example?

thanks in advance guys.

My brother-in-law has the Delta… I think he regrets it. Limited charging ability… can’t use it while charging, limited to 1200 watts solar (I believe). After having the AC300, I can’t imagine not being able to charge it via the grid without unplugging it.

According to this Ecoflow blog post pass through charging is supported for the Delta.

Interesting… I’ll have to ask my brother-in-law why he isn’t using it then.

I have the River Pro with extra battery and both had to go back for replacement right away for various defects but customer service was excellent with responses in less than 24 hours. The replacements have been fine.

Performance wise the percentage of usable watt hours has been a little bit less than my Bluetti’s.

Definitely don’t like the handles on top which eliminates any stackability.

Thanks guys.

@twister36 , The Delta Pro does pass-through charging (as the smaller Delta does also) and supports upto 1600W of Solar (which is plenty for my needs).

@eric102 , very nice looking portable unit. I had not looked at it in detail before, but for camping trips it looks ideal.

I see it has ‘Lithium-ion’ chemistry and not the slightly better performing ‘LiFePo4’ chemistry that the newer Bluetti’s use (and the Delta Pro in the eco-flow range).

I had thought Eco-Flow was a German company originally, but i think maybe it was a Kickstarter project, so it could have been founded in the USA perhaps?

I’m just interested in this because relating to where you live it makes it easier dealing with servicing etc (and i’m in the EU zone). Their website does not make it clear about this (whereas you can see very easily that Bluetti was started in the USA etc). So this kind of transparency (and having a dedicated forum like here) i like to see.

here is a review on it from Will prowse

Thanks Trojan, handy video from a channel i did not know about, and that is a nice find for me, so cheers for the link :+1:

your welcome Will knows his stuff you can trust what he says.
here is another person great as well.