Any chance to get more than 10A form the 12V output for short periods?

Dear All,
is there any chance to get more than 10A from the 12V output present on the EB70 station?
I would need to bear a load of max. 20A for 20/30 sec…
Is the power station having a protection to prevent any overload?

thanks a lot

No, the EB70 will overload with that amount of current. It would not be safe as well as the contacts and wiring would heat up excessively. If you need that kind of current, the AC200 series will supply between 20 and 30 amps of regulated DC power.

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I hear you, 10A 12V won’t even run my tire compressor with a usually cig plug to the car. Actually it is the startup surge that it won’t handle. Once it gets going, it only pulls 8A and it would work, I sometimes can get it to start, but it is like 1 in 20 chance. Not really worth it…

Hi @ferra75

Sorry, EB70 12V output can not bear with more than 10A. As Scott@Scott-Benson said, AC200 series can handle it.