Another review on ac30

I received it a couple of days ago. This is the lowest priced and the most basic ac* series generator. I also owned an ac200 which I like a lot. This generator works as expected as it is said what it can do. It is light weight that I can easily carry it to anywhere closer to the devices to power on with it. It has a phone wireless charger on the top which is very convenient. I tried its ac output on a hair dryer which uses about 250w continuously in low fan and low temperature mode and this ac30 worked perfectly and reliably. The 300w inverter looks small but it can power up my entire office with an internet router, a mac mini with a 24 inch monitor and a printer for 2 hours.

Now to the parts that I do not like so much. If you plan to use it for car camping for multiple days, you may be disappointed. It does not come with a car charger. I have a 150w car cigarette lighter inverter and that can charge it in a car with the ac charger supplied. But it would take 8 hours to charge it up from empty. For multiple days car camping, I do not think you would drive 8 hours a day. I have not tried solar charging yet but some people reported that it was very picky about the input voltage . Besides it does not provide a solar charging cable. The panel needs to output less than 15v although the specs says it accepts up to 25v and 150w input. With the provided ac charger, at home it also needs to take 8 hours to charge because the charger only outputs 40w+. You can invest some money to buy a third party charger that outputs 15v and 150w to fast charge it from empty in about 2 hours.

Overall I feel that this is a good value if it can be had with a coupon code for $240. For $300 retail price, I am not so sure. For this price, I think I would rather spend a bit more to get ac50s.

Do you know a source or model numbe for a 15V 150 watt charger? I have been looking but have been unable to find anything other than a 90 watt.

I thought KyleT has tried the following charger with a success.

Solar panel from 14-25 volt, the Ac30 will charge as the manufacturer stated. But it’s will charge at low voltage. For my case my panel Ocv 21 volt, it charge at 15.6 volt at 8.6 amp. I will test it again tommorow with my 25 volt panel, I will update the results tommorow! ( Solar panel from 14-25 volt will work just fine). But for the Ac charger above 15 volt I don’t think it will charge.

Rogerd that charger work!! I use that charging all my other 4 power station.

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Thanks for confirming.