..another EB3A doesn't charge (solar input)

I searched the forum and saw plenty of Q, no answers so posting again.

I just bought a EB3A and connected it to a 100W solar panel however the input W stays at 000 (10min).

  • measured 21.4V as EB3a-end of Solar Panel (Bluetti) cable
  • 115V input charges at >250W

IDK what else to do… Thanks!

Hi @jr_sc

the MPPT can handle the following
200 W max, VOC 12–28 VDC/ 8,5 A.
In this case 21,4V should be enough to start charging your unit. Do you have any other Solarpanel to try?
What do you mean with 115V Input? You mean AC Charging?
When you using the Bluetti App, did it show any Solarinput from there? Does the Battery % goes up?



Thanks Erik

Yes, AC input. I do not have another panel to try but I suspect it may be the panel. It is a 100W and in full sun, EB3A 75% charged, it finally read 35-40W - as soon as the sun hazed-over it dropped to 000.

What kind of power should we expect from a ‘proper’ panel? 35% / 0% seems terribly low.


What is your state of charge when attempting to charge? Is it already almost full?

@jr_sc May I know the firmware version of the EB3A?

From a 100W Solarpanel i would expect at least 60W - 70W when its in full sun. When you panel deliver less than 50% as advertised i would assume you panel have some sort of defect or you make any mistake by place it to a wrong place.

How about try another panel to rule out a bad panel or try car charging to verify the port is working.

Thanks all!!

Scott - SoC was 75% - will need to check panel’s short-circuit amperage and/or procure another panel.
Bluetti - updated to latest firmware.
SelfMade - Thanks - good to know. It was directly facing the sun ~30deg off horizontal.

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