Android App password reset

During the first installation, I installed the Android App and registered via phone. I can’t change my password, it is stored in the app, but it requires the original one.
While checking online site, my account does not exist. THere is no connection between two?!
Anyway, how to reset my app password? any idea?

@dvas2000 The APP account and the official website account are not interoperable and are two independent accounts. If you don’t know the password, you can click“forget password”and reset it.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

The only way to change the password is by the above screen where i need to enter the old one. There is no password reset option.

@dvas2000 I guess your account is currently logged in. If you forget your password and want to change it, I recommend logging out first. Then you can see the page I mentioned above.

thank you. After login out, I was able to unmask the stored password :slight_smile:

@dvas2000 Thanks for your update.