Amazon or Bluetti

My eight month old Bluetti AC200P isn’t working. Finally got a reply from customer service; I’ll be returning it for a refund. Then, I’ll purchase the AC200MAX (now the same price as I paid for the 200P months ago).

I bought my unit on Amazon. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to buying there instead of on the Bluetti website (warranty, customer service)? I’m looking for the fastest shipping but can’t get anyone at Bluetti to respond to how long their shipping is taking these days.


After making your initial purchase, was it necessary to register your Amazon purchase with Bluetti?
I looked through their website and can’t find a registration link.


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Hi @Philinfl , our Amazon shop and our official website shop are two separate shops. However, if there are any after-sales issues you can approach the corresponding customer service team, no need to worry.
As for your question about " register your Amazon purchase with Bluetti", we don’t quite understand. You can create your own official website account at Thanks!

Hi @KKS , please don’t worry about the warranty and customer service. Both shops enjoy the same hassle-free after-sales service. As for your concern about the estimated delivery time, you can refer to the following shipping policy
Thank you again for your support to BLUETTI!