Amazing PV200 Deal


Darn, missed again, back to 499 but there is $30 coupon. Thx for sharing

@roxie60 No worries, you still have chances. Just keep waiting and paying more attention to it.

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Still $499 + $30 off coupon. I’m ready to make my next bluetti purchase but waiting to grab this deal if I see it.

Planning on this PV200 and EB70S.

Curious are the PV200 made by same manufacturer as SP120 & SP200?

No love for us Canadians…. $1349?!


We have some Candian friends we thought would now b able to come visit again (use to visit weekly b 4 this Cov mess) but Noooo the border now wants to charge $200 per crossing. Our governments are criminals.

Canadians can now visit the US and come back without a test if the visit is less than 72hr long. But still… it is annoying. I just wish Bluetti would ship more stuff to Canadian, their Canadian store is kind of like the hand me down store.

I hope they can soon. But I think that price is bluetti getting gouged by border fees (my speculation, not based on fact).

I keep putting off ordering cause shipping is so unpredictable.

Decided not to wait any longer. Ordered PV200 today. Hope I made a good choice. Using SP120 panels currently.

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FYI to the Bluetti community. If you buy the PV200 ($30 coupon avail still 12/14/21) and the EB70S separately on Amazon you will save …well that stinks. I was about to tell you to order separately to get a lower price than buying them bundled. But I just went to Amazon to capture the bundle price and today the bundle price much better. Very frustrating, I can cancel the PV200 but can’t cancel the EB70S so I can save $

@roxie60 the pv200 panels are incredible and I wish I had some!! Haha

Everyone ignore my previous post, as of today if you want the EB70S & PV200 the bundle is the better deal on Amazon and better delivery.

@BLUETTI I have sent request to and requested my 2 orders from yesterday be canceled.

I hope someone from Bluetti will get back to me ASAP because I would like to reorder the bundle today, I save a little money but also it will be delivered before Christmas as opposed to January.

Order #'s


Ordered on December 14, 2021 Order# 114-8173204-5377830

EB70S order

Ordered on December 14, 2021 Order# 114-5852991-1263412

Hi @roxie60

Our customer service has dealt with your orders according your request. And please kindly note your email.


Just FYI - there’s now a $70 coupon on amazon.

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I bought 3 and the legs or stand were not strong enough to carry the weight of PV200 solar panels. I contacted Bluetti for solution or return and refund me.

Can you provide a pic? Ive not had any major issues but i do think the legs are a bit on the weak side gor the size ofcthe PV200. Im frequently to adjust them and thats in addition to havingcto reposition to get as much watts as possible.