Alternative DC supply

Hey yall. Found a lot of helpful advice from everyone here and I’m wondering if someone could be of assistance again.

Most of my camper van runs on DC power. I have a shore power hook up and inverter (to alternator) to charge my bluetti. it still has to pass through the AC200P to the DC fuse box. I was looking at installing an AC to DC power supply to plug into the shore power. My options are install an xt60 to the AC-DC supply and manually change over the plugs which is okay and simple. However I’m looking at a Blue Seas power switch. I’m just confused if it’s okay to have both negatives connected to the negative bus bar at the same time. Attached is a crude diagram and also the switch I’d like to install.

Is the switch needed?
(Asking cause I’m doing something similar:) )

Why not just attach the AC200 ac charging brick to shore power and keep the AC200 running all the time? If not desired, I would suggest an RV power converter (installed on all RVs to provide DC power) which come in a large variety of amperage capacities. The ground should be fine to connect both to.

I’m not sure. My fuse box does have two inputs on it though.

I will have an ac charging brick hooked up to shore power but I was just seeing if i could reduce the cycles on the bluetti. And just because I like gadgets

I used that same switch to run my camper van fridge, galley, etc from either my AC200P 12v 25A output or the van battery (for backup). I connected the AC200P dc negative to van chassis ground, no problem.

But I agree with Scott, why not charge the AC200P direct from shore power. AC switches are cheaper than the DC battery switch, use to switch between your inverter and shore power.

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