Alaska off grid living with a Bluetti System. “You Are On Your Own”



What do you wanna say us with this post?

Its totally norman that companys dont cover the whole world with their products. Also you need to understand that deliever Products into a warzone is from challenging to impossible.

Surely the people on both sides of a war could benefit from the delievery of Bluetti Products, but no one wants to deliever it, totally understandable.


Hi Bluetti, I live in Alaska and my Bluetti ac 300&b300 are not covered in Alaska. Since purchase my system while residing in New Hampshire, Bluetti will not honor my Bluetti that is still under warranty. Because I crossed the Canadian Border. My question is why does Bluetti honor systems acquired in this country and not Alaska? My Bluetti B300 is deeply discharged and won’t charge. So since I can not get service from Bluetti because I live in my beloved off grid home in Alaska and no longer have a warranty on my system, common sense tells me I have to fix it myself or nothing at all. I completely reversed engineered my b300 battery. Purchase a golf cart lithium-ion battery charger to charge my dead B300 battery. I am aware of all the dangers of lithium-ion batteries. I am directly connecting my golf cart battery charger to the 52 volt b300 battery leads internally, after completely tearing down my Bluetti b300 battery. Seems very strange that Bluetti will honor this foreign country but not one of the the United States! If there is anyone that can see fit to my state of charge, please advise. I will charge this battery to at lest 40% state of charge or until I can get my AC300 base unit to take over the recovery of my deeply discharged B300. Wish me good luck and God Speed. “ Houston We Have A Problem.” Wow!

In general, you will need to bring your product back to the point of purchase for warranty. I don’t know about USA consumer law because I’m in the EU, but in the EU, the Seller is responsible for warranty. Not the manufacturer. A manufacturer may provide additional warranty and services but according to the law your primary claim needs to go to the seller.

A manufacturer or seller may also provide extra warranty like on-site repair but this may be limited to certain countries. For example. When I buy a Dell professional computer in The Netherlands, I get 2 years on-site warranty but I may not get on-site warranty when I move to France. I still have my warranty but I may need to ship my computer back to Dell The Netherlands and pay extra for return shipping to France.

You may be able to recharge your deeply discharged B300 battery with the separate standalone AC to DC charger T500. If that fails you may need to return your B300 to your seller (Or Bluetti) for service. You still have warranty. Maybe just not at your current location.

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