After update B300 is down

Hello Bluetti team,
I have updated my AC 200 Max to version 1017.03. That was a big problem. But after an hour it worked. The result is that the B300 no longer boots. The battery is offline. The power button flashes green and I can’t do anything. I’m very annoyed because the apps and constant updates don’t work…it takes a lot of time…Fossibot offers an analog system which is installed and works without bluetooth, wlan. I have two of these power stations.
I checked the cables and connected to my second AC Max but same problem. The B300 dont’t boot and flashes green, maybe the BMS is broken…what can I do?

SN: 2250001306695

Thanks very much…

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@BLUETTI_CARE Can you help @Floh with this?

@Floh Please disconnect AC200MAX and B300, then check if the B300 can be recharged by the AC adapter. If yes, the expansion cable may be defective. You can try to change it to test.

Hello Bluetti…thanks for this tip. I have try it to charge with AC Adapter, the result is negativ. The B00 switch on automatically, but the Button blinks geen and nothing happens. Also the DC Output is not working. Yersterday i have measured the DC voltage…approximately 54 Volt. I thinks the BMS is away…

@Floh Yes. I think the battery may be broken and need to be repaired. You can contact the after-sale service.

i have contact the support…can i change the BMS by myself?..