Additional Accessories

As I mentioned several days ago, I’m new to using Bluetti and I’m hiping that this communication gets through to someone. I’m trying to find a storage/carrying case for my EB3A. Sure I see all kinds but I want a authentic “Bluetti” case. If I’m gonna sport the product, I want it to be nothing but Bluetti, case and all. Can you guys do this?

Hi @disciplearies70

how about something like this?

Its more a carrying back, but it looks really cool and you have some sort of protection.



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@disciplearies70 We have out official BLUETTI carry bag for small power stations.

We also have BLUETTI trolley for AC300/AC500. :grinning:

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Nice! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!!

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IMG_5087 (1)
Peaks at about 915 watts charging max 200 and B300 in SW Florida