Adding extra Solar panels to the EB55


I have an EB55 which I have connected at 170W Solar Panel to. During a cloudy day I’m getting around 30W input and I wondered if I added another panel 170W panel, would that increase that input in cloudy conditions to around 60W?

The specs of the panel are;

Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 21.6V
Short circuit current: 9.89A

I understand the Bluetti EB55 has max inputs on solar of;

OCV 12-28V,

So I believe I wouldn’t be able to connect in series as that would be over voltage but I would be able to connect in parallel.

What do you think about this set up? Would there be any benefits? Disadvantages?



It is true that the PV input of solar panels will not be ideal in cloudy weather.
However, it is not recommended to connect another solar panel. The parameters of your current one solar panel are already well matched to the PV charging needs of the EB55.
It is recommended that PV charging be done again during sunny hours.

You could connect another panel in parallel as you suggest for cloudy charging days without issues. Disadvantage would be the cost of the other panel and the parallel branch connector adapters.

Thanks for both the replies so far.
A question Scott if I may. Would there be any risk of damage on very sunny days if I had that 2nd panel in parallel?

I’m wondering if I would need to disconnect it if there were no clouds.



As long as you are connected in PARALLEL you will have no problem. The EB55 will only accept 8 amps of input and clamps off anything above that. If you are connected in SERIES, the voltage of each panel adds together and you will overvoltage the input which can cause damage.

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