Adding EP900 to existing solar

Six years ago I installed 6kW of panels feeding a SolarEdge 7600 watt inverter to the main panel. No battery storage. I charge an EV on a 220v 50 amp socket. I overproduce a considerable amount, often 200 kWh per month in the summer. The excess is banked 1:1 with the Co-op, and pays the bill when I underproduce. I had 1.5 Mw banked at one time. That may go away soon.

I could easily charge an EP900/B500 with 6kW solar. I’m curious if I could add the EP900? Would two inverters work with each other, or should I replace the SolarEdge inverter with the EP900?


@StanUbeki EP900 can be AC coupled to the SolarEdge. SolarEdge can charge our batteries. No need to remove your SolarEdge. But AC coupling has some drawbacks: the PV inverter stops output when the grid goes down.

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Thanks for this. I also have a solar edge system (4kw) but would love to be able to use the panels during an outage as we get public safety power shutoffs during sunny weather on occasion.

Is there any way to add a manual transfer switch that would allow me to charge the ep900 system during those shutoffs and also from the grid? Of course, I would want to be able to use the battery under either condition as well.


I think, the only way to load your EP900 during a power outage, is to connect your PV-modules directly to the PV input on the EP900 (if the PV-parameters are within the limit range of the EP900).
Fore this scenario you would need a transfer switch to disconnect your PV from the Solar Edge inverter and connect it to the EP900 PV input.

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