Adding battery capacity, will this work?

My current setup has an AC200P with solar in a van. Pretty happy with the setup and it works well, it gives about 48 hours of normal use (with zero solar top up) with fridge, water pump, lights and heater etc. On a normal day, it recharges up to 100% again.

However, I’m thinking in winter for weeklong trips with little solar, I’d like to increase the capacity.

I’m thinking I could use the new D050S to attach a 12v battery to the AC200P and then a low power charger plugged in via the ac output on the AC200P. The solar adds to the AC200P and charging the 12v battery, with the battery in turn keeping the AC200P topped up. If there’s no solar, I can just stop charging the 12v battery and use it to keep the ac200 topped up.

  1. Would this work?
    And 2. Could I leave it plugged in (in between trips) without it causing any issues?

  2. Should I do the same thing but with a B230 (but with the solar going into the B230 via the D050S and then that into the AC200P) battery for double the price?

Lots of words, but trying to make it clear! Any help appreciated.


Either way would work your second option would give a faster charge watt rate into the AC200.

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Thanks @Scott-Benson

It’s hard to find real information on the new bluetti expansion batteries. I think I read somewhere that the B300 can take a solar input directly into it (not using the D050S) and could leave the B300 plugged into the ac200p?
I also thought I read that the Bluetooth app would work with this battery. May be useful to measure charge level

I wish I could assist on the B300 but I am woefully ignorant of its specs and details.

It would be handy if they had a web page! is the main page

Yes, the B300 does have a PV input but the AC300 or AC200P will not monitor that power flow on its display at all. You can only see the B300 charge percentage.

Information of the PV input is on page 7 and image 8.4 Dual Recharge of the B300 User Manual.

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