Adding a 2nd B300S


My second battery is on its way. I have a few questions and thanks in advance for your answer.

Do I have to shut down the combo AC500 and B300s before adding the new battery or I can add the second one while the combo is up and running with loads and input from solar?
Do I need to make sure both batteries have the same SOC before adding the new one to the system?
In order to take one battery for camping once awhile: Is it possible to put the battery on top of the AC500s? Pictures I see have the battery under and I am wondering if the AC500 can hold the B300s weight.

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@tl0114 that’s a good question.

I would always shut it down when adding another battery. But I do not think in my opinion it would hurt anything not to.


  1. Battery could be added with AC500 power on. Support Hot Swap
    2)It does not need two batteries to have the same SOC
    3)The AC500 is lighter than B300S. It might damage AC500 if 2 B300S are on the top

@BLUETTI Thanks for the response. I won’t have 2 B300s on top? Can we just have one safely so that I can disconnect one easily to bring to camping…

Yes, it works. Wishes you a wonderful camping

Thanks @shawnnn99. I like to avoid shutdown because my office depends on it: modem, wifi hot spots…) It looks like we can hot-swap per @BLUETTI’s response… Awesome.

I found out pretty quick that one battery just didn’t cut it. It’s not the battery’s fault; it’s that I use way more power than I realized. I have power to spare in the daytime from 2kw solar panels, but nightime use already has me thinking about a 3rd battery. During the night the app shows me down to 30% at 4am with 4-5 hours to go before the panels kick in. Sucks living in a valley.

That’s the same problem I have. :) I hope to stay at 2 and conserve as they’re not cheap. My panels are facing west and I start getting a few watts around 7 am till 7 pm now. At peak, I get 1.6kw.

I bit the bullet and just now bought a 3rd B300s.
I experimented with an old 8000 btu window A/C and I can’t believe how well it cools my well-insulated house during the day, but I have to shut it down around 5:30 pm so I’ll enough power at night. Hence the need for more battery power.
With another 120 degree Vegas summer just starting, I plan to use the window A/C to put a big dent in a normally $200 to $300 bill.
I fully expect NVEnergy to replace my meter thinking it’s defective​:astonished::stuck_out_tongue: