Adding 12v Fuse panel

I have the AC200 I hooked up a 12v fuse panel to my led’s, fan ect. I have the panel plugged into the 12v/25a port. Do I need to ground the fuse panel? Everything works great but I want to make sure its done right.

No need to ground. Make sure that when you do not need (are not using) the power provided by the AC 200, to turn the AC200 to avoid unnecessary power drain from having the AC200 on without a load connected. You may also find it useful to have a smaller unit such as the AC50S or AC30 to use for low power draw items rather than turning the AC200 on and off often. The AC50S could be connected via the cigarette lighter socket to the fuse box and be used for low amp draw requirements. The battery drain overhead for a smaller unit is much less than the AC200 when not in use.

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