Add ITEHIL solar panel to AC Input on AC200P

In addition to 3 SP200s hooked up in series, can I add an ITEHIL 100W Panel connecting to the AC Input at the same time? This panel has an adapter the fits.

I am also not sure how to make sure the polarity is correct.

Looking to speed up charging with what I have.


Nope, the AC200P wants 58 volts from an AC charger, I’ve tried lower voltages and the Bluetti ignores it.

OK, Thanks. Could I get adapters and hook it in series with the other SP200’s? Just not sure how mixing a 100W SP in with 200W would work and if it would harm them.

I don’t know if it will harm the 200’s but my limited understanding is that it would reduce the SP200’s to a lower wattage. Its best to stick to similar volts/amps when combining in series. They don’t have to be exactly the same, I combined two Renogy 200 watt panels with my three SP200’s and am getting the full 700 watts into my AC200P even though each panel is producing less power than it could by itself. Take this advice with a grain of salt since I’m a solar rookie and am learning as I go.

?what is the voltage of the three in series sp200s?

The Bluetti SP200’s are rated at 20v/10a so three would be 60v. His 100 watt panel is rated at 18v/5.5amp. So my understanding is that you would add all the volts (78) and multiply it by the lowest amps (5.5) which would = 429 watts total? If so not a good choice since the Bluetti’s would be 600 watts on their own.

so …the answer is to buy a eb 55 or 70 and use that panel on it…all fixed

Nope, AC200P is charged by solar panel only through DC input.

And different wattage solar panels used in the same unit will do harm to the unit.

Getting about 70V an good full sun. As an FYI, I ordered another SP200 as Amazon had them on sale for $395 (could buy only one). I also figured out the output polarity of the other panel seems to be reversed with anything I hook to it, so not messing with it.

When I hook 3 SP200’s in series and use my multimeter it reads 70V. On the AC200 when I was charging yesterday I think it showed over 60V.

Bluetti is coming out in the future with an enhanced charger called the D050S. It would connect between your solar panel and the AC charging input port of your AC200. The DO50S contains a charge controller and converts the voltage to an output of 58.8 volts in order to charge through the AC input port. But…not sure if the 100 watt panel you have would warrant the cost. Don’t know the price yet but think it will be around $125 or so. If you were starting over, buying an additional SP200 would yield better results

Thanks Scott! I did just go ahead and buy another SP200. Amazon had them on sale for $395 for a single purchase (additional where the regular $499). So 4 SP200s should do what I need.

I know this question is not in this thread, but could you answer my concern about the AC200P unit being on with AC ON and just the unit itself draining 2% per hour? Seems then that the absolute max use you can get using AC then is something less than 50 hours if you running even just a light on AC.

Yes the AC200 consumes power even with no load in the on position. The large inverter and large capacity dc power regulation consume energy just being on without any electrical power output. Think of you and your body sleeping. You consume energy and burn calories just laying there but producing nothing. The larger the person the larger the calorie consumption. There is nothing wring with leaving the AC200 on and even on with the ac and dc outputs activated. But……the more you leave on, the faster your battery will discharge

Thanks! Starting to understand more. Disappointing though that it seems you could never get more than 50 hours out of the unit in AC.

The AC200 series shines where you have high loads. If you are only going to use the product for very small loads, I would suggest looking at the EB700 line.

Good to know. I bought it for the fact that it can run 2000W. I couldn’t find anything else that would run a coffee maker, MicroWave, and even a Hot Plate (which draws 1600+ Watts!). So it is doing the job. I have a FlashFish 300W for the small stuff.