Add a B300 to an AC200MAX

I have an AC200MAX and want to purchase the B300 expansion battery to go with it. is the B300 compatible with the AC200MAX? Also, how does the B300 charge? And what’s with the batteries being equal?

Both are compatible. You can charge the B300 alone, or connect it to the host AC200MAX and charge together.
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What happens when you connect a B300 to a AC200MAX and only charge the B300 with the AC charger?

Does the B300 try and split the incoming charge between the B300 and AC200MAX or does it just charge the B300 to 100%?

The B300 has two battery extension ports what happens if you connect both of them up to a main unit for example an AC300 port 1, and AC200MAX port 2? Can they both utilise the expansion battery?

The b300 also has a 200 watt mppt solar input. I added one to my ac200max a couple of weeks ago. It works very well. The percentages are generally different due to the different capacity’s, within 20 % of each other or less.

If you have the units running in parallel with one another and charge the b300 or ac200max, it will charge both of the units. I believe you can only have it connected to one host at any given time.

Also of note, I’ve seen other people having an issue where the max reaches 100% and stops charging, even though the b300 is below 100%. This has not been a problem for me. Two days ago my max was at 100% and the b300 was at 95%. The max continued accepting solar charge until both were at 100%.

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Thanks for the comments Emax. I am thinking of getting the B300 instead of the B230 and then maybe upgrading to a AC300 in the future as that is an available upgrade path with the B300. I was just thinking it would be cool if I could continue to charge the AC200MAX easily by using the second input on the B300 when that happens, but I can understand why that might not work and could cause issues.

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