Adapter to Connect B300 to D100S

Hi, is there any known Solution to Connect a B300 to D100S? E.g. an Adapter from P090A to D100S? Or a cable for the same purpose?
I‘d like to use the D100S with power from my B300 and an microconverter to feed my Home-power-net at Night.

B300 cannot connect to D100S because they have different interfaces and cannot communicate.
Unless the cigarette lighter on B300 is connected to D100S, the power is very low, which is unnecessary.

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Hi @bluetti_wsweyhausende

You cant use the B300 directly but in combination with the B210 Battery.

The B210 have his own Solar Input, which start at 11V. So theoretically you can connect the B300 to the B210 DC Input via 12V Output from the B300. You need a cable which have MC4 on one side and cigarette plug on the other.

This way, i extend my B210 with a EP500Pro.

BUT! Keep an eye of the plug. The cigarette plugs are not design to run for multiple hours or even days on full power. So have a look at the temperatures!



I also wanted to use my B230 with the Bluetti’s balcony solar system. As it is not compatible, I built my own system (compatible with a b230 or b300).

If you like to do it yourself, check out this page

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