Actually charged a ac200p using four 6v 225 AH trojan marine batteries in series

Has anyone ever actually used 4 - 6v 225 AH batteries to successfully charge their 200p? I’ve been thinking about trying that set up out. But, those Trojans are very heavy and I’m not as young as I used to be. So, I thought to ask that question here. Can someone recommend something doable?

I would say yes it will work but how would you charge the marine batteries?

I’m planning to charge the batteries by 3500 watt generator and when I can, by solar. You think the four trojans would provide enough charge for the 200p? Would I have to connect them in series and paralell? to get the full combined AH.

If you want do do something even more fun, get a 24 volt to 48 volt step up converter and connect that to your batteries. This will allow around a 575 watt charging rate.

I would put them in series. you have to select the right mode of charging. If you have solar selected the voltage wont be high enough as the 200P needs 35 v input from solar. You need to select car mode. If your charging the marine batteries with a generator wouldn’t you just use the same generator to charge the AC 200? that way you save a couple steps in the process.

heya John, thanks for the response but I already know all what you’re saying. I was hoping to hear from someone that actually has done the battery thang. As far as using the gen to charge the 200p, it’s not always at the ready. That’s why I’m thinking trojan batteries. The one draw back about using the batteries is they give off fumes that smell like rotten eggs because they’re not sealed and they have to be maintained i.e. water levels.