ACMax200 + B300

From other messages I believe that when the acmax200 and b300 are connected I can charge both units by connecting a solar panel to the max even if there is a SOC imbalance. My question is how are they discharged when connected. Is a single charge pool created or are they discharged according to what is plugged into each unit? So for example if the equipment plugged into the ac200max discharge it to 0% are they able to still draw charge from the connected B300? A description of how discharging works in this scenario with equipment plugged into both the ac200max and the b330 would be great!


@DavidM Please check the details as below:

With 1 b300 connected to a ac200max it will display a charge value from the average of the 2. So if the max is at 90% and the b300 is at 80%, it will display 85% on the screen and in the app. You can look at the individual soc’s by pressing the display where the charge % is displayed .

I haven’t managed to run the max down to 0%, but I’m pretty confident it will continue to work as long as the b300 still has a charge.

On a separate note, I attached one 200w panel directly to my b300’s mppt input. With it getting a it’s own direct charge, I’ve noticed the state of charge between the 2 is quite a bit closer now. Typically with in a few %.

Thanks for the helpful info. Will help me to make a decision on buying a B300.


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Thanks for the info.