Accurate charge estimate

Straight from there website:

X3 PV200 solar panels can charge the BLUETTI AC200Max within 4.4-5hrs by connecting them in series.

Is this just one of there folding panels or multiple up to the 900watt max input. I don’t want it to be deceiving …

What do you all think or can verify for me.
Much appreciated!!

It is multiple panels. To connect in series, you have to have more than one panel to do so.

Welcome to the Forum: I have the AC200MAX and usually charge it with 3 PV200 panels (each panel folds out from a size of approximately 24×24 “to a length of 7.5 ‘)
PV200 Dimension

Keep in mind the input specifications of the AC200MAX and the pV200 Panels.

Regarding solar charging

The AC200MAX can easily take 900W with a Voltage range of 10-145 VOC and 15A of current.

The 3 PV200 panels will provide up to 600W at 9.2A so no problem. 4 PV200 would not be a problem either.

Keep in mind not to exceed the VOC limits of the battery. Panels connected in series the Volts will increase, but the Amps stay the same. The opposite is the case when the panels are connected in parallel.

If the conditions are even close to ideal, I can recharge my MAX within 4 hours.

I started out with just one panel but realized it is best to try and recharge as close to the 900w limit in order to not waste time. Also, if you are also running a few appliances or some equipment at the same time, more panels will run your stuff and recharge the battery at the same time.