AC70P - How do I set Solar as Primary Source

Is there a setting for setting solar as the priority source without unplugging the AC power going in to the Bluetti?

I checked some older posts and only see it available as Priority UPS Mode on AC300. I don’t have that option.

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Hi @ibsurfin

when i remember things right, solar is always prefered over grid input. Even when you cant set it up.

Maybe @BLUETTI or @BLUETTI_CARE can give you a more trustworthy answer :slight_smile:


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Not in the AC70P’s case (China Version). Only if I unplug the AC wall power does it draw from the solar. I don’t see any options in the iphone app. Maybe it’s available on Android.
Everything else is working perfectly. @Selfmadestrom

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@ibsurfin Could you please take a short video about this issue? Did you update the firmware to be latest one? Normally, AC70P will take solar energy in prior.

I originally thought you were asking me to watch a short video.

OK, I will take a video,

But can you advise on an E065 - DC Output Short Circuit - Error. I can’t clear it.
ARM v2122.05 & DSP v2112.03

I have an E065

I just tried to plug the unit in the wall while solar charging and the unit caught on fire. It sounded like a something was catching fire inside so i rushed to unplug everything to get it outside quickly.

I hadn’t started recording yet. The AC70P is now no good and the room smells really bad.


@ibsurfin May I have your order number? I will have customer service to help you ASAP.

I’m talking to the seller store right now.
Here is all the information.
Current : ARM v2122.05 & DSP v2112.03
Came with : v2122.02 for both ARM and DSP.

I have communication with Bluetti_Care. My user name is ibsurfin

AC70 P inside home with AC at nice cool temperature.

AC Input : Trina solar 550 making about 180 watts. One panel.
DC Output : off because of E065 Error. I was talking to Bluetti about it at the time.
AC Output : Approx. 150 Watts. Fans and Computer. I was using the bottom socket. The top socket wasn’t plugged in.

Turbo Charge : because it wouldn’t charge fast when the sun was at max.
Eco Off / Off
Grid AC Smooth was on.

I was talking to Bluetti because the machine using AC instead of solar after it was charged. They asked me to make a video. I was plugging in the AC to show it power up with both AC and Solar.
Then it popped inside and made a hissing sound. (SSSSSSS) I didn’t turn the video on yet.

I quickly unplugged everything because I was thinking about EV fires.

I took it outside but it had already stopped smoking and making noises. Gray White electrical smoke.


He said he will need to send it back to factory to check if it’s under warranty. Can you give clarification on why it wouldn’t be covered?
I bought it on Lazada. I didn’t buy it direct from Bluetti, so I don’t have a Bluetti invoice number. I have a Lazada invoice number. I can ask the seller for the number. Do you want me to do that?


@ibsurfin This is the Chinese version and will cause risks if used in North America or other regions. Could you please send me the invoice and we can check the reason why you receive this version?

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I sent you a Private Message with receipt and screenshot. Did you get it?
Nothing is showing in my sent messages.

I have received the message.