AC70 Surge Power

Not listed in the manual, what is the AC surge power of the AC70?

From the AC70 purchase page, you can see that the surge power is 1500W.

Thankyou, however, I did not think to look there as that is likely the U.S. site, noting 120 VAC. I am in Australia and having checked the .au purchase page, it is not noted there. Only power lifting is mentioned. I have no reason to check the U.S. site. Partly my fault as I did not mention location, but with respect, still missing info in this part of the world. I assume that for 240 VAC, it will still surge at 1,500W.

Yes it will, but only for the tiniest fraction of a second. Anything more and you will get an overload error.

Thanks, I only want to accommodate something like a less than 1kW heater with a fan that might have a motor surge to start. If my small heater doesn’t work on the AC70, I’ll use the AC180. :)