AC70 Solar panel compatibility

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Just bought a AC70 + PV120v and already have a solar panel by Victron (specs on the photo).
It would be great if could use both to feed power to the AC70, is it possible with this specs?

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I think your Victron’s panel is compatible with the AC70 !
(AC70 spec : 500 W Max,12 V-58 VDC, 10 A)

Your panel Voc= 23,74 V < 58 V (max of the AC70’s solar input)
Vmp = 19,38V > 12V (min of the AC70’s solar input
and the Isc = 9,89A is under 10A, you will not be limited by the famous 10A max of cigarette port (voltage under 24V).

Enjoy !


Thanks for your reply

I answered too quickly, the maximum intensity due to compatibility with the cigarette ports is 8a, you can lose a maximum of 20 watts on what your panel can give at the maximum (pmax around 155w on your ac70 for 8A at 19,38V and not 175w of your panel), but your panel is compatible

Here is the math of what you can expect if you use both panels to charge the AC70 in series or parallel connection.
Parallel = Voc of the smaller panel x adding the Isc of both: 23.74x16.32=387W. However the AC70 will limit you to 8A as it is under 32V, so your parallel input will be at best 23.74x8=189W.

Series = Voc of both panels added = 48.14 x by the smaller of the 2 panels Imp = 6.43. 48.14x6.43=308W. The voltage is over 32 so you should achieve up to 10A input at that voltage, but you are under that.
Therefore you are far better connecting both panels in series this gives an additional 119W. These are perfect condition figures, but the benefit is across the output range. :slight_smile:

Hello there:
Connect in series is the option for your 2 panels.

Everything will be OK but considering the amps of both panel’s PV120 @6.1A and the Victron @9.03A.

When you connect a 9.3A panel to a 6.1A panel, the overall current will be brought down to 6.1A. A reduction in current will lead to a reduction in power output and therefore less in system performance. But you will still be able to recharge everything.

Your total VOC will be 23.74 + 24.4 = 48.14,

Since your machine can take up to 58VDC and up to 10A, you are OK.

You should be able to get around 295 watts coming into your battery under ideal conditions with these two panels setup in series.

no issues… thanks for your help!!

hey!! thanks for your help… much appreciated!!

Hi, thanks for your help… will try to figure how to do it since i am a neewby on solar stuff!

Good morning luisviegas. I should have enclosed this picture to show you how a series connection works,

I’m around (off and on) if you require more clarification.
Just follow the wiring instruction in the diagram and with the 2 panels you have it will be good. But remember, shading reduces power.

Hi… this is great help!!! thanks a lot!!!
I already use a solar panel for a AGM battery so in use wise i am familiar but the electrics parts i am neewby :)
by my math the PV120 is enough for most days and that extra power source from the Victron is a bonus

hey… sorry to bother… is there any advantage on the position of the panels, i mean… will it be better to have a speceific sequence? since the more powerfull will be “downsized”

Hi @luisviegas

if i understand you right, you want to avoid the powerloss when one of the panels gets shadows. Right?

The problem with serial connection is, its doesnt matter which panels gets covered by shadows. The limiting factor of the power outcome is the panel with shadows on it.

When a 400W Panel is covered in shadows instead of a 200W Panel, the 400W should have a bit more power output. But its not recommended to put different panels with different specs in a series connection.

Hope that the answer you looking for

Good Day Luisviegas:
Firstly, solar panels facing directly east or west will produce around 20% less energy. The proper solar panel orientation for homes located north of the equator is facing true south.
One of the more important things to consider getting the maximum average output from your solar panels, you should tilt your solar panels close to the same angle as the latitude of your home. Or in summer even more.
The standard thought is a 45-degree angle to the sun, For me, it is simple because my latitude is 45. degree’s.
I set my panels up between 20–60 degrees these days, 50 degrees in the morning and later in the afternoon when the sun is high around 25.