AC70 max solar Amp input (self regulated or DO NO GO OVER?)

so not many 10amp folding panels out there (yes a lot but there pricey)

Will using a panel within the voltage and Watts limit still be ok?

Will the unit limit the amps at the same voltage i.e. a 300W panel at 20A gets halved to 150W by limiting the amps at the panels voltage…?

or will we trip / break the unit?

Use a simple DC/DC inline converter perhaps to turn down the amps, not sure if thats possible, should be


You don’t have to worry about going over the amp limit. Amperage is limited by how much your AC70 draws. Voltage is the metric that one should not succeed. Though the AC70 seems to have some built in protections for over voltage.

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Please refer to @Emax 's reply, do not worry about the overcurrent issue (AC70 will limit it), just need to confirm that there is no overvoltage.

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A typical nominal 12V 150W solar panel outputs a Voc of 21 to 22V @ approx 9.2 amps. If you connect 2 in series, the voltage doubles to around 42V and the current remains at 9.2A. Both are within the V & A range of the AC70 & AC180.
You will get the maximum solar available from the panels, and it is below the max input levels.

A 200W panel has a similar voltage, but an amperage of around 11.4. Two panels in series will output around 43-44V and 11.4 amps . The above units will limit the current to 10A and the voltage is still within safe range. You will not get the maximum available solar due to the current limit, but the maximum the unit will accept.

The key point is if you gang 3 panels together in series, you may exceed the max V input of the above power stations which may damage the unit.

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Bingo that what i was thinking / expecting, so a lot of people are probably not getting the full capacity of panel(s) because they are not thinking the whole calc through (assuming the panel(s) actually do what they claim)

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This makes me wish they had an AC70s (for only slightly more money) that used the solar controller from the AC200L.
I actually wonder what the cost difference is between the two controllers (or other side effects like idle power usage). Unless the AC200L solar controller needs more battery cells (ie. voltage) to work.

Charge rate, regardless of source, is generally rated to battery capacity. Just because LiFePo4 cells may charge at 1C, doesn’t mean they should. The normal charge of my AC180 is approx 480W, Turbo is higher and Silent is around 280W. I prefer to charge on Silent, it’s kinder to the battery life and for my needs, I would rarely want to charge faster.
Re Solar, my limit is 300W in series as I already owned 2 x 150W solar mats (Not Bluetti). I prefer them anyway as they are IP rated for use in rain conditions. :)

Hi all

My query is regards to 4 x 120w solar panels wired parallel. 480w roughly 23 amps in good sun shine.

Will the Bluetti AC70 Be happy with a current ranging upto 23 amps even though it state 10 amps max

Thank in advance

The AC70 is in control of how may amps it pulls and will limited it to 10 amps.

Will it cause the power station mppt controller to run hot though, or am I worrying to much. Never had a solar power station before and therefore do not want to misuse it as equipment that is looked after will last a lot longer.

Thanks for your reply.

I would only run too hot if there was a design flaw, so there’s no need to worry about the amps being drawn from the solar panels. :+1:

I do have to say that it appears that the Isc and the Imp values seem to be reversed on those specs. There’s no way shorting out the panel output will give less current than max power. :person_shrugging:

Thanks for that… It has put my mind at ease now reading your answer and also emax comment as well. Many thanks…

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