AC70 Hot Neutral Reversed?

My outlet tester indicates that the Hot and Neutral on my AC70 are backwards (see attached pictures). Is something wrong?
On my AC200MAX the same tester shows that Neutral and Ground are not bonded (as expected), but otherwise the outlets are OK (Hot is in the correct position). On my house outlets, the same tester shows all outlets are good (Neutral and Ground bonded and Hot in the right position).
Can someone else check their AC70 and see what result you get, please? Thanks!

Based on the polarity issue of AC70, you need to contact the customer service team at for further processing.

Yes, I did contact them. They said this was normal and that I could use a neutral grounding plug if I needed to power grounding equipment. That’s good to know. However, since I get correct results on my AC200MAX with this tester, I’m trying to understand why the AC70 gives different results. Can someone please say why I get different results on the AC70 and the AC200MAX with my tester?

I have already negotiated with the customer service team. You can contact them to return the machine for testing, and attach screenshots of my and your posts.

Thank you for that. I’m waiting to hear back if they will provide return shipping of the defective unit since it’s a manufacturing defect that needs to be fixed. Thanks again!

I sent pictures of the AC70 packaged in its original container ready to ship. I’m waiting to hear back to get the shipping label and instructions. I hope they include any insurance they want with the shipping.

I packaged the AC70 per Customer Service’s instruction and after trying to drop the package a 3 different FedEx locations, I called FedEx and they say there is no place I can drop off this package for return since it is a Class 9 Hazardous Material. They say that Bluetti must be enrolled in. The FedEx Package Return Program (PRP) and that I have to have a FedEx form named “OP900 PRP“ to give the FedEx Ground driver or person when it is picked up by FedEx Ground. I sent Customer Service this info via email, but I need help getting this package returned to Bluetti.

Thank you for your feedback.
I will pass on any return-related issues to the @BLUETTI_CARE team to assist you.

Thank you very much!

Edit: Here is a pic of the package ready for shipment.

I don’t know if this helps, but I have the AC500 and all my UPS and Isobar devices give me a ground fault warning light UNLESS I plug the AC500 into a house wall outlet. I leave it unplugged to avoid any possible grid power spikes plus the AC500 output voltage is higher (121.5 volts) when it’s unplugged. The wall outlet voltage sometimes drops to as low as 106 volts during the summer. A higher voltage means lower amps for the same power, in all my extension cord wiring.
The ground fault has no effect on anything plugged into the AC500, which includes my fridge, microwave, two window A/C units in summer, electric heaters in winter, TV, Home Theater AVR, Internet router and modem, etc. Pretty much everything except the house lights.

Thanks St8kout! Your description sounds to me like normal operation of an AC500 with a floating ground and neutral/ground not bonded together. The same as my AC200MAX.

@clseaman The customer service got back to us that they will try to arrange the door-to-door pickup for you. Please refer to the email. Further problem, feel free to let me know.

I did get their email and will be ready for the pickup on 2/26 at my house. Thanks!

FedEx picked up the package, just now, at about 1:50 PM on 2/26. Thank you for scheduling the pick up, and please let me know when you receive the package in Plano, TX.

@clseaman Thanks for your update.

I have the same issue with a brand new AC70 that I just got yesterday. The hot and neutral are reversed - this is not normal and clearly they have an issue. The day before I got a Bluetti EB3A and that unit operates and tests properly. I plugged the AC70 into grid power and then plugged a midrange UPS unit into it and it came back with a wiring fault. When you have a floating ground, you certainly should have a ground fault when not plugged into grid power. However, you should immediately be tied to ground once you are plugged in. The fault on the AC70 is present regardless of the unit is plugged into grid power. Seeing that this post is from over two months ago I am really disappointed to see Bluetti putting out a product with this issue. I have several other manufacturer power banks (Anker C1000, Anker F2600, others) - this is not a normal or expected. I’m off to a very disappointing start with this unit. I’ve already put the replacement request in - if nothing else it will be returned.

Bluetti was very responsive to me. I would contact Customer Care directly and refer to this thread if needed.

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