AC70 Fan Constantly Running

Now, after a couple of days of using the AC70, I have noticed another difference between its operating characteristics and the AC180’s.
With it connected to mains power and a load of no more than 80 watts connected to the AC output, the fan runs continuously.
I am aware of why the fans on the AC180’s turn on and off, but on the AC70, they run at low speed nonstop.
Is this normal?
Room temp 18 degrees Celsius.


I can confirm your description. AC triggers around 80W surge. As long you take ~80W or more, the fan will run.

I have a smartphone with 25W charging, the fan is also running after a few minutes when charging.

The air at the outtake is quite warm, so i assume its needed that the fans are running. For what i can see, its normal.


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Thanks for confirming.