Ac70 error

Any information on Eprom error (E073)?

@bluetti_res408cagmailcom Did the problem appear when you charge it via solar panel? If yes, please provide me with the SN and the firmware version, and I will send a new ARM version for you to test.

@bluetti_res408cagmailcom I noticed that you mentioned the SN on another post. I have push a firmware for you, please update the firmware and check.

I received the same error EEPROM E073 tonight.

Solar was trickle charging it but I was charging off grid.

@Raspberries Please update the ARM firmware to be latest one (208211) to test.

April 29, here. Same E073. Call center wasn’t much help. I can power down and it goes away. I have a 550 Trina that is only 1 meter away. My firmware is up to date according the the iPhone. Any ideas. It works great. AC70P. Orange. China plugs. I live in Thailand.

Hi @ibsurfin

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What ARM Firmware you have currently installed?

Maybe you can get the same firmware like “Raspberries” get to try out.
@BLUETTI_CARE Can you push the firmware to that unit too?


@Selfmadestrom @BLUETTI_CARE
It’s v2122.02 for both ARM and DSP.
under Firmware Upgrade, on the app for iphone, it doesn’t show an option for updating on the Update Firmware page. It just shows the versions.

I think mine is more current than Raspberry’s he’s updated to 208211 I assume that’s v2082.11

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I have version v2122.02. Is there an upgrade you can push to me? I think my serial is 1100279L57 7234500040 (sticker on the bottom)
or AC70P2345001869524 (default name on app that matches the sticker on the back)

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@ibsurfin I will push a new firmware to your AC70P, please update the firmware to test.

The error code doesn’t come up anymore. Thanks for the update.

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Good to hear. Thanks for your update