AC70 Compatibility

How do we determine if devices (eg my fridge) are compatible with the AC70 prior to plugging them in? I see some references to “your device may not be compatible” in here.




“How long is a piece of string”. It would be much easier to answer you Q if you state what type of fridge you are talking about. i.e. Household or portable, current draw, frequency of use etc.

@transalper the AC70 has a 1000 watt inverter, meaning that it can power anything up to that maximum. There is also Power Lift for resistive loads like kettles or heating elements etc. which allows you to power those resistive devices that draw up to 2000 watts by reducing the voltage. But for something like a fridge you need to use the standard inverter power. Fridges usually spike on startup, so if this is not more than 1000 watts then the AC70 should have no problem. Just remember that the more your appliance draws in watts then the quicker the battery capacity drops. My household AC fridge averages around 100 watts per hour, so with the AC70’s usable capacity of around 690 watts after battery protection, I can run my fridge for around 6.5 hours from a full charge with nothing else drawing from the AC70.


The way to determine that would be to find out what the highest power wattage is during a 24 hour period and then the running watts while the fridge is in normal, compressor on and running mode. Best way to determine this is to plug a killawatt meter into your wall socket and then the fridge into that. The meter will record the highest power usage and the display will give you current running watts. When you have that information, you can match up your usage with the appropriate size of power station in order to meet those needs.


Thank you. What I was looking for was specific operating parameters for the AC70. The 1000W inverter is the capacity for AC. I did find the the manual that the DC plug has a max capacity of 120W.

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I have a 2 year old fridge at my AC70 will power it for a minimum of 8 hours. I did a test recently, plugged the fridge into the AC70 and let it run. No problems.


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Good to hear you found the manual with all the specifications and operating parameters