AC70 - A First Look: What i like and what to improve

Hello everyone!

Its finally here, the AC70 from the #PowerYourPassion campaign.

I use it in varios scenarios since yesterday and want to share my first impressions of the AC70. Things that i really enjoy and things that may can be improved in my opninion.


Bluetti take some notes and bring some features that are always requested for Powerstations in this size. The Solar-MPPT get a big upgrade! Most of the comparable Units do support up to 28V of VOC Solar Input. The AC70 up to 58V. Which gives the opputunity to even charge it with really big solarpanels. One of my 400W Panels have about 40Voc. So there is still plenty of room for a upgraded panel.

But not only solar charging improved. Also to charge via AC. You now dont need a seperate charging brick like the T500 anymore. Its Built-In into the unit. That can be a advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. For my part its a huge plus. The charger support up to 500W of charging (in Standard Mode. Up to 850W in Boost Mode) and is again a great improvement over the 200W of EB55 (i think EB70 too?). Even you got more charging power, its less noisy. The Built-In Fans does a great Job in terms of how quiet they are, even in standard mode with the mention 500W.

Its way more quiet than the T500 Adapter. And when it need to be really quiet. You can turn on “Silent mode” for a reduced power income and even quieter charging.


Beside the already known Ports such as the 12V 10A or the USB-A with 12W Output, the unit have some special specs for its class.

To start with one, we first have a look at the inverter of the AC70. It can handle up to 1000W in normal, which is already really impressive compared to other units that are around 500W - 700W. But the AC70 is also equipt with the powerlifting mode, which allows to run devices like a hair dryer. The EU model provides two plugs, which is great to see!

The second nice upgrade is a second USB-C Port and both with 100W Output power. In a world where the most devices rely on USB-C connections, this is a really welcome addition.


I want to discuss handling in multiple ways. First how its actually to carry and then about how to control the unit.

So about handling, the device have one handle, which is placed more on the backside than in the middle. I first through that it may not comfortable to carry. To my surprise, the unit feels kinda light to carry on this handle, so very positiv surprise for me.

In terms of buttons to operate the unit, the buttons that are present for on/off, AC and DC Outputs have a really great feeld when you push them. With my EB55 you have the problem that you not really know if a output is active or not because the Feedback of the buttons arent the greatest. Here you know really quick how to press the button to do what you want to do. If one of the outputs is active or the unit is on, the Buttons have a green backlight.

All the other great features like powerlifting, grid enhancement, selection of Power mode and so on, are only available on the Bluetti App which is connectet via Bluetooth only to the AC70. For me its not a big deal to be honest. My Generation (Z) uses the smartphone for nearly anything, for some other the buttons still deliever the bare minimal of functionality.


Where there is bright light, there is also shadow. Dont get me wrong, the fans on the unit are pretty solid and not “from the cheap side”. But i do have a problem with it, how they get controlled while using AC. The Fans of my EB55 nearly never turned on, except it running a really high load or in a warm place. The AC70 seems to have fans that are controlled by load and not by temperature. They start at around 100W. They are quiet but still noticeable.

If you have a load, like a laptop, where the consumption of energy is a “up and down” depending on the Workload of the Computer, the fans follow this pattern. I think when i say the fan is really nervous, you may get a idea of it. It feels like the rpm of the fan changing with every extra watt i consume from the AC.

Thats something that really should be improved on this unit.

I run my 3D Printer also with it. It consume from about 100W - 300W and does some pretty big jumps while printing. Like from 100W to 300W and a second later to 150W.

Do you have the AC70 too? Share you opinion about it! I would be really interested. Also feel free to give me any tips to operate the unit ;)



I bought the AC70 as well. I also noticed the fans spinning a lot (though deeper pitched so acceptable). My peeve is the 500W solar. It is almost impossible to reach. I wish it was 600W (3 of the 200W panels) or 700W (2 of the 350W panels). Or just call it 400W solar because that’s all you’ll get. (i wish the AC200L wasn’t such a jump in price. its 1200W and direct connect to my AC230 would be nice)

HI @lschiedel1

Thanks for your opinion on this machine!

Thank you for the review. I am very interested in the AC70 - we are still waiting for it to arrive in the UK. Does it have a built in light on the back like the PS72?

Hey @Tezzabee

It doesnt have any built in LED Light.


OK, thanks for information. That does seem a bit of an omission.

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@Selfmadestrom Thank you for sharing the unboxing and providing detailed insights. :star_struck:
Hopefully the AC70 will bring you some surprises in your future use. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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