AC60 Firmware Update

I understand the AC180 recently received a firmware update which included display screen sleep options.

Is it possible to have the same sleep options updated for the AC60?

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The firmware engineers are currently following up and I’ll let you know when AC60 is available.


@BLUETTI thank you very much for the prompt reply.

@BLUETTI Is there any update on this please?

This feature for AC60 is still in beta and there is no specific launch date yet. I will let you know when it does.

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@BLUETTI did anything ever come of this update to fix the screen sleep settings as was done for the AC180, or has it been abandoned?

It’s been confirmed that the firmware for the AC60 rest time setting has just been pushed. Only the high voltage version (Europe, Australia, Africa, Philippines) is available for now.
The low voltage version (North America, Japan) has a risk point during testing, and the push time is still to be confirmed.

@BLUETTI thank you. I am in Australia so hopefully it will show up soon.

@BLUETTI The updates came through and they all installed perfectly. I have tested the Auto Sleep settings and they work as expected. Thank you very much Bluetti.

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