ac60 fault code

Hi, after changing for a number of hours this fault comes up(see pic) then it stops charging and starts slowly discarging, can clear by push and hold on ac button. this happens when running an item off the unit or not. I have had a b80 batt connected to it as well.
anyone had this problem?
thanks :+1:

@bluetti_brh450gmailcom May I know the temperature of the environment? And could you please provide me with the SN of the AC60?

The temps are from around 2° to 19°c. sn 40080QE23170012

it’s is an ac60 unit

@bluetti_brh450gmailcom Thanks for getting back to us. I will check with our tech team and get back to you ASAP.

@bluetti_brh450gmailcom Hi, I got back from our colleague that your case is followed by email. They’re developing new firmware to solve the problem. Please pay attention to the emails.