AC60 battery compatibility


What batteries is AC0 compatible with? So far I see the B80, but what about B300 and B300s? Same port, same voltage?


Sorry, at this time AC60 is only compatible with the B80, not other battery packs.

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No worries. Is this due to IP65 requirements?

Unless I’m wrong, AC180 is compatible with all batteries, B80 included, so my take is that the plug is similar?

Yes. AC180 is compatible with B80 and B230/B300.
But the connection cables need to be purchased additionally.

AC180 to B80 - Aviation plug to DC7909.
AC180 to B230/B300 - P090D to DC7909.

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@bluetti with the cigarette lighter cable on EB70 EB55 EB3A AC180 …

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