AC60 & B80 discharging & charging issue

This morning I noticed that the AC60 which has a singe B80 connected to was discharging and was down to 83%.

It is being used as a UPS and had mains 240AC connected to.

On the phone app it was showing 0 volts AC coming in and the same on the AC60 display.

So basically, it was not charging or supplying the connected devices with bypass power.

The 240V AC supply from the wall socket was stable and clean so it should not have been behaving this way.

The only way I could get the unit to start charging was to disconnect the 240V AC power cord and reconnect it which started the charging cycle and allowed bypass 240V AC to the equipment that was connected to it.

This is a little concerning because if I was not in the office, the unit would have completely discharged for no valid reason.

Could Bluetti advise what to do going forward.

This AC60 & B80 have run faultlessly for several weeks but now this occurred.

All firmware updates have been applied when made available.

AC60 S/N AC602318000432374
ARM V2076.05
DSP V2075.03
BMS V1030.05

B80 S/N 2317000429744
BMS V1031.06

@DJR We have given feedback to the tech team and noticed that you have contacted our support via email. They will follow your case.

Appreciate your response and I am still waiting for Bluetti support to contact me.

I have since sent 2 further emails detailing extra information as requested but no response as yet.

Below is the latest update provided.

The AC60 & B80 is operating correctly at around 40W input and 40W output in bypass mode with SOC at 100% at the moment.

This is the low load when just router and modem are on with nothing else.

Sometimes when the SOC drops to 99% the units input wattage increases to say 300-400W to charge batteries, but output load is still just 40W.

The SOC doesn’t drop immediately and may go between 100% & 99% as all the Bluettis do, functioning correctly.

Then unexpectedly it has the same input of say 40W and output of 40W, but SOC keeps dropping.

Not sure how long this process of the SOC dropping from 100% to say 83% takes as I don’t sit and watch the display.

But when a higher output load is then connected of say 130W it begins charging and takes the appropriate time to charge with higher input wattage say around 400-500W, indicating that it is charging the actual batteries.

So, it basically seems to go into a sleep mode (ECO is OFF) when under low load 40W and only gets back to operating correctly once a higher load 130W is connected triggering it to do so.

Not what I need, as this is critical to business operations.

Hope this all makes sense.

By the way the two AC180’s operating in the same way don’t seem to have this problem.

This was the extra information supplied prior.

Further update on the behaviour of the AC60 & B80.

This morning I noticed that the total charge of the BMS was at 93% and was not charging even though connected to the power grid and 240V was present at input.

It had a constant small load connected to it of around 40W, but it was just a modem and router, so not very high.

When I connected a load to it which was about 130W the system started to charge.

This doesn’t seem normal and may be helpful to your technical department who are looking into the other issue.

Happy to say a very positive update to previous postings.

Have just taken delivery of the 3rd AC180 which is going to be used to replace the AC60 & B80 combination that has faults.

Installed and operating well in UPS mode after updating firmware.

Very happy to now have a reliable UPS for important equipment.

Big thanks to Elaine and Carina from Bluetti Australia for arranging the return of AC60 & B80 and the purchase of the replacement AC180.