AC60, AC180 UPS load interrupted when connected to smart switch

Up to 40% of the time, if the AC60 or AC180 is connected to a smart switch and the switch is deactivated, UPS will be interrupted. This happens with or without Grid Adapatation enabled.

Use case:
Since the AC60 and AC180 has no Time of Use or solar priority UPS modes (like the AC200L), I use a smart switch and automation to turn on grid power to the units. From time to time, when the smart switch turns OFF, the load connected to AC output will be interrupted. In this case it is a PC workstation which shuts off.

The test is quite easy if you have an AC60 or another smart plug. I use the Kasa smart plugs. Plug the AC180 into the AC60 AC outlet and ensure the AC outputs are on. Connect load to AC180. Using the app, turn off and on AC60 AC outputs with several seconds in between until load is interrupted.

To reduce the interruption, you can connect the AC60 to a smart plug and then plug the AC180 into the AC60, but I still see an interruption from time to time.

I suspect it has to do with the “bouncy” nature of physical relay switches and how the unit detects the grid, but that’s just a guess.

@tripzero I suggest you try using an adapter instead of the AC charging cable. Choose T500 adapter for AC180 and T200S adapter for AC60.