AC50S with 2xSP120 Solar Panels in Series/Parallel

Is is supported to charge the AC50S with 2xSP120 Solar Panels in Series? Or Parallel?

Parallel only. Two SP120 panels in series will exceed the input voltage limit of the AC50S.

The voltage range for the AC50S is 12 to 40 volts DC and 120 watts maximum for input. Most likely the voltage of two SP120 panels connected in series (VOC) will exceed 40 volts DC. Unless you are expecting to charge in less than good clear sunlight, two panels will not yield significantly higher wattage charge rate than a single panel since the maximum incoming watts will be limited to 120. A single panel will get you close to 100 watts in excellent clear sun and properly aligned panels towards the sun.

The open circuit voltage of each single panel is 23.7 and the max operating voltage is 19.8 and 6.06 amps current max for each panel.

Fair enough. Thank you.